Merlin Law Group will host a seminar in Houston, Texas, for public insurance adjusters close to the anniversary of Hurricane Ike. I promise that this will be dedicated to a "lay of the land" regarding tips and strategies for public insurance adjusters to service policyholders with quicker and fuller resolutions. Appraisal and the processes and techniques to obtain a better recovery will be taught and a special analysis regarding TWIA practices will be provided.

We are currently surveying past public adjuster attendees for specific questions before this seminar so that the question and answers will be thoroughly analyzed. The primary purpose is to provide my experience and that of my firm, which has primarily done this line of legal work for 25 years, to those who are similarly licensed and dedicated to helping policyholders.

The tactics and strategies of each case and each type of loss change as the circumstances dictate. There have been some legal changes to appraisal in Texas as well as other developments which impact the "best practice" a public adjuster uses in the field when dealing with insurance companies. We will share with you what is working and what is not working.

So, if you are licensed Texas public insurance adjuster, please plan on attending, learn how you can make more money by doing your policyholder a better job, and you will also get some free continuing education credits from the Texas Department of Insurance. Please go to to register.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our seminar on September 11, 2009.