The title to this blog probably has many insurance claims managers saying under their breath, ‘No joke, Chip. Tell me something I was not taught on the first week of the job I have been doing for my adult life.’ But, what happens when things go wrong and those undisputed benefits do not get paid—can you get out of this mess without being held accountable? Sorta like being caught “red handed” and praying that nobody is going to call you for the foul. Here is the picture I think of when that happens:

OJ was finally put in the pokey for some of his misdeeds. What about those slow paying and non-paying insurance adjusters that look like OJ, hoping for a way out?

Property insurance defense lawyers are jumping at this topic wanting to help out because they will argue anything at a price to help make up an “excuse” only OJ could appreciate – along with a few uninformed judges and regulators. Tressler is one such insurance defense firm. Their associate attorneys wrote a survey on the topic.

So, here is my challenge:

“Who will publicly say that an insurer has a good faith right not to promptly pay undisputed amounts of a first party property damage claim?”

Song for the day after being at a Tom Petty concert in New Jersey Thursday night (Petty grew up in Gainesville where I will be cheering for my Gators tonight):


Positive Thought for the Day:

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”
       — Oprah Winfrey