What is the best way to bore claims adjusters and managers to death at a seminar? Have lawyers talking about insurance law. Our firm has done surveys confirming that scenario.

The Windstorm Insurance Network is hosting a Superstorm Sandy Symposium on May 9th at the Hilton Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey. Here is a Guide to Windstorm’s Superstorm Sandy Symposium. It will not be a lawyers talking about insurance law seminar.

This Superstorm Sandy seminar is the best because it fits into the budgets of most claims professionals and it has actual claims managers and executives on panels rather than a bunch of attorneys talking about insurance law. Practical Superstorm Sandy claims handling is what this Symposium is about. If you are handling these claims, or on deck to handle the next hurricane catastrophe, you have to be here.

Budgets are important, which some for profit seminar companies seem to forget. The Windstorm Insurance Network is a not for profit organization dedicated to claims professionals’ education about claims issues involving windstorm. Registration is only $200 and rooms to this Superstorm Sandy seminar are only $189 if you register within the next week. Compare that with Manhattan seminar costs and room rates. And, if you want to visit the City after the Friday seminar, the hotel has a train that gets you into Manhattan within 20 minutes.