If there was one kid watching a slower-than-ice-age-clock count down high school days before the sailing weekend started, it was me. I love practicing insurance law to help people collect their benefits, but anybody doing what I do needs a break from arguing with those ingenious and creative insurance company lawyers.

Growing up in a Coast Guard family all over the country, I developed a passion for sailboat racing. I also had a dream of owning a legendary sailing vessel which was built in a chicken coop, designed by a hippie engineer known as “the wizard,” and given a name I can relate to: Merlin.

On March 11, 2020, the day the country was announcing historic changes to the way we live, I was starting an ocean race on Merlin from Miami to Eleuthera in the Bahamas. We picked that race trying to publicize and remind others of the devastation to the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian. Thirty-nine hours later at the finish, we learned a new world order had been declared. What a shock and what all of us have been through since that time.

Merlin Law Group attorneys have read more commercial property insurance policies than 99.999% of all attorneys. We have been reading thousands of business interruption clauses and civil authority policies from businesses shut down from the coronavirus. We love helping make sense out of all of this, but you can only read so much of this insurance policy fine print before going crazy.

So tonight at 9 pm EST, (8 CST, 7 RMT and 6 PST), Merlin Yacht Racing is hosting a remote party on Zoom. It will be fun and if you show up, you will learn a little more about this very special sailboat I promised myself I’d buy when I was only nineteen years old. I had to wait another forty years to fulfill that promise. The attire is very casual, I will have on a Hawaiian shirt and a Mai Tai in my hand.

Here is the link for the party tonight.


PS—Yes, you insurance defense attorneys and insurance company adjusters that daily read our blog are also invited. You are good in my book (well, maybe not the Pay Up! book) and deserve a fun party more than you know.

A Sad Thought For Friday Night

Deep down, I have always been 72 years old. In college, my friends used to make fun of me because I would sometimes skip a Friday night party to stay in my dorm room watching Turner Classic Movies.
—J. Courtney Sullivan