Florida newspapers (Tampa Tribune, St. Petersberg Times, Sun- Sentinel) reported on the recommendations of the Florida Senate Select Committee on Property Insurance Accountability, a committee formed in response to the insurance industry misleading Governor Crist and the Legislature about rates during last years legislative session.  Because of these misrepresentations Florida provided under-market prices for reinsurance and assumed greater risk in the event of a hurricane in return for lower rates.  The insurance industry then raised rates after getting the favorable legislation. The letter from the Committee to Senate President Ken Pruitt contains significant and progressive recommendations to help consumers.  A memorandum also indicated that the work of the Committee was not done and that the Select staff would be working with standing committees to help shape legislation protecting consumers. Finally, there appear to be some serious and well conceived changes to help insurance consumers.   The big insurance lobbyists were not pleased, and that is usually a sign that something has been done to help the insurance customers — all most large insurers seem to care about is return on investment, even dishonorably like they did last year.  Even our governmental representatives have learned that you cannot trust big insurance.