On April 15th in Tallahassee, Policyholders of Florida, FAIR, and Good Foundation Florida held a joint press conference with Representative Mike Fasano regarding two anti-consumer bills up for consideration in the state legislature.

Despite the fact that our state has been spared from major hurricane damage the last seven years, Florida’s property insurance rates keep rising. Yet, even though the insurance industry has won several legislative battles in recent years at the expense of rate-payers, their powerful lobbyists keep coming back for more.

With our economy finally showing signs of life, passage of this year’s anti-consumer legislation would be devastating to the economic recovery and to the financial future of of Florida’s families.

It’s more important than ever that we stand together — not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Floridians who care about the future of our state.


See the links below for statewide coverage of the news conference:

With the legislative session’s May 3rd finish line in sight, there are several bills to keep an eye on. SB 1770 was scheduled to get a full Senate vote earlier this week but was temporarily postponed while leadership tries to whip votes. In the House, we expect to see HB 835 and HB 909 get a floor vote as early as next week. HB 635 was passed last Wednesday.

Information about this legislation is changing by the minute, so, as always, be sure to get the most recent news and legislative updates.