Merlin Law Group supports the Florida Consumer Action Network. Known as FCAN, it is a grassroots consumer organization which attempts to influence public policy by organizing and educating government leaders on matters of consumer interests. In a democratic government where corporate business interests are constantly bombarding our leaders with self-interest propaganda, these non-profit consumer groups are important and deserve support.

Policyholder interests and insurance industry interests are often aligned in the long term. FCAN’s blog had a post earlier this summer that clearly was in support of the reinsurance industry. In New Video Explains Proposed Insurance Tax, FCAN opposes a tax on reinsurance premiums. It cited a video that effectively explained why the tax should be opposed:


Often, what is good for the policyholder is also good for the insurer. Insurance lobbyists and short-sighted insurance executives seeking short term profits and responses to issues often fail to understand this dynamic. Corey Harris, of Merlin Law Group, has been appointed as the Florida Justice Association‘s representative on FCAN’s Board of Directors. We are hopeful that our knowledge and experience in insurance issues can be used for the benefit of all policyholders through the efforts of the Florida Consumer Action Network.

If you have issues which you think would be worthy of FACAN’s study or support, please call Corey Harris at (813) 373-9508.