Last week, Shane Smith posted FEMA’s announcement of the availability of two advance payment options by WYO carriers and the NFIP direct serving agent for those victims of the Louisiana flooding with coverage.

The unexpected and unprecedented flooding has claimed thirteen lives and displaced many residents. The flooded areas include many normally high and dry areas in the Baton Rouge area. New Orleans was not impacted by the devastation.

CBS News gave some details:

The flooding that has struck the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas has left at least 13 people dead. More than 30,000 have been rescued, and at least 70,000 have registered for federal disaster assistance. At the height, 11,000 people were staying in shelters, though that had dropped to 6,000 by Wednesday.

Temporary housing problems are a very big problem and while the requirements for lease durations have been relaxed for shorter term leases, many still need a place to stay.

Even if you live far away, you can help in various ways:

1. Red Cross

With just a few quick clicks, you can donate $10 to the Red Cross. Just text
LAFLOODS to 90999 to donate. The Red Cross estimates recovery efforts will total at least $30 million.

2. Louisiana Flood Relief Fund

With no time to waste, the Foundation has staff members across South Louisiana to find where needs are the greatest to ensure that your donations go quickly and directly to nonprofits that are doing the most for people who call Louisiana home.

3. Animal Shelters

There are several animal shelters in the area that are seeking donations, volunteers and foster parents for hundreds of rescued pets, including Companion Animal Alliance, as well as a GoFundMe site for Denham Springs Animal Shelter.

4. Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans & Acadiana

This organization is seeking financial support as they distribute thousands of pounds of food, water and supplies to flood victims.

5. Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

Donations—100% of which will be turned over to teachers who have lost classroom materials in the floods—can be made online through APEL’s website. Teachers can also apply for the financial aid through the same link.

You don’t know how devastating a disaster can be until it hits close to home. Consider helping our friends and neighbors because every little contribution with a reputable charity can make a difference.