For those of us still reeling from Superstorm Sandy, Nor’easter Jonas was not a welcomed sight. Early reports of Jonas indicated it would hit the Eastern shore around high tide and that flooding was a distinct possibility. Since Superstorm Sandy, many coastal communities along the shore have been rebuilding their beaches and protective sand dunes in case a major flooding event occurred again. Being a resident of Hudson County, I’m all too aware of the widespread crippling damage Sandy caused due to flooding. Fortunately, it seems this time most municipalities were precautionary and instituted a state of emergency, forcing people to stay off the roads. Additionally, the hard work towns put into rebuilding the sand dunes saved their cities from another flood disaster. However, not all communities were so lucky. Take a look at a photo taken in North Wildwood which recorded a high tide crest six inches above what was recorded during Sandy.

For those of you who were flooded, yet again, I wanted to remind you of some helpful tips post-storm.

1) Safety first. Your property damage claim can wait when your health is at risk. Make sure you are safe and stay in contact with your local authorities regarding any updates.

2) Take pictures. When you think you’ve taken enough pictures, take more pictures.

a. Take pictures of the flooding, take pictures of the damages or take video!
b. Take pictures of your personal property you will claim. Don’t throw anything away without taking a picture of it first!

3) Mitigate your damages. As much and as soon as possible, try and start the cleanup process to prevent mold from spreading or additional property damages from mounting.

4) Notify your insurance carrier. Many insurance policies have notice provisions. You have to make your carrier aware you sustained damages as soon as possible or else you may be barred from recovery.

If you did not sustain flood damages during Jonas, don’t think you’re out of the woods yet. The record snow that accumulated could be detrimental to your roofs. Check out my blog on ice damming and one of the possibilities that could occur if you’re not diligent in removing snow accumulations from your roof.

After this weekend’s Nor’easter reminding us winter is here, I leave you with a quote from another hall of famer, Bill Veeck: “There are only two seasons – winter and Baseball.”