I know why I do not want to be a trial judge–it is really hard to be really good.  And in government, there are also duties that may seem “easy”, like becoming a member of the Citizens Mission Task Force.  Let me tell you, it is a whole lot harder to spend a Friday afternoon having a discussion with actuaries figuring out how to lower rates and give better coverage to those in the wake of a severe hurricane, then to hang out with my friends and family. 

This is hard work.  I would prefer to concentrate on why insurers underpay claims rather than how that underpayment is a “problem” for insurers.  Maybe they should pay more promptly and in full?  But then, I would be out of a job. FAT CHANCE that will happen. 

Still, my impression after the first meeting is that the legislature messed up in 2005 by not allowing at least a 10 percent per annum increase in premium rates for those in the high risk of loss categories.  Instead, the day of reckoning will make the increases much higher and with an added possibility of surcharges.