On June 2, 2015, it was announced that Brad Kieserman, the Deputy Associate Administrator for Federal Insurance and the man brought in to investigate the allegations of wide spread fraud on behalf of the Write Your Own (“WYO”) insurance carriers, is stepping down.

Almost as quickly as he came in, Kieserman is now leaving his role at FEMA for a job in the private sector working for the Red Cross. In February, Chip Merlin wrote about Kieserman’s entrance in his blog post, Kieserman Appointed to Lead FEMA Superstorm Sandy Investigation of WYO Claims Handling.

Kieserman’s departure comes on the heels of the recent implementation of the Superstorm Sandy Claims review process where FEMA is looking to reopen 144,000 flood claims. Additionally, his resignation comes just 24 hours before he “was to testify during a Congressional hearing into the alleged systemic flood insurance fraud that was revealed in the weeks and months and Sandy.”

Kieserman’s last day with FEMA is June 13, 2015.

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