No, you didn’t read that wrong, FEMA is starting to pay. But FEMA is not yet paying flood claims. Rather, FEMA is giving money to municipalities. FEMA has just approved a $1.75 million grant for Mantoloking, New Jersey. Those not fully familiar with New Jersey may remember Mantoloking as one of the hardest hit areas of the state.

As you can see in the above images, the storm surge cut a swath through the town and connected with the bay, essentially making a natural channel.

The grant, according to the Brick Patch, will be used to offset the cost of demolishing unsafe structures on private property and removing and disposing of the debris. This is an expense many of the shore towns in New Jersey were not prepared for and have incurred because individual homeowners are unable to foot the bill on their own. There is no doubt the grant will assist Mantoloking in aiding its residents.

I fully expect more of these grants to be announced in the coming weeks. Time will tell, however, if FEMA will begin to pay the individual flood claims that are still pending.