Happy Holidays to property owners with Hurricane Hermine flood claims. FEMA has provided a further 30-day extension for Hurricane Hermine claimants to file flood proofs of loss. The deadline is now 150 days from the date of loss.

As stated in Bulletin No. W-16090 dated December 21, 2016:

To allow policyholders time to finalize their claims, I hereby issue an additional limited waiver of the 60-day proof of loss requirement by extending the period an additional 30 days. With this extension, a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policyholder will now have 150 days following the date of loss to provide the completed, signed, and sworn-to proof of loss to the insurer.


Please refer to my blog about how to properly prepare a flood proof of loss: Hurricane Hermine and the NFIP Proof of Loss, and contact me with any questions.