The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) is sponsoring a fundraiser for public adjuster Frank Artiles, candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives. The event is being held next Tuesday, March 2nd in Coral Gables at the Anacapri Restaurant. Here is the notice:

The Merlin Law Group has sponsored two other fundraisers for Frank as noted in Merlin Law Group Hosting Public Adjuster Ethics Seminar Followed by a Political Fundraiser for a Public Adjuster Running for Public Office and Fundraising Event for a Policyholder Advocate Frank Artiles. I noted the following as the reason why other public insurance adjusters should help get a colleague elected:

Imagine if our legislatures had truly knowledgeable insurance consumer advocates. Do you think the insurance industry would have tried to pass laws in Texas and Florida that allowed insurance rates to unfairly rise or allow immunity for wrongful conduct after a loss occurs like TWIA is attempting in Texas?

By electing Frank Artiles, a Florida public adjuster, for the Florida House of Representatives in South Florida, I don’t see those kinds of things happening. My law firm is dedicated to helping this become a reality, and we need your help.

You never know what can happen in life until you try. We need your help on this endeavor for Frank.

We hope to see all public adjusters come out in support of Frank next Tuesday afternoon.