The FC&S Bulletins should be subscribed to by all insurance adjusters and agents. It recently issued a strong suggestion that insurance agents, brokers and risk managers review Earth Movement and Earthquake insurance clauses.

The reality is that an earthquake can strike anywhere in the world with potentially devastating effects. Injury and damage in poverty stricken areas like Haiti, with a poor infrastructure, of course will be much greater than in an area where buildings are sturdier and compliant to earth movement safety standards.

But disaster can strike anywhere and at anytime. Despite this reality, only 13-15 percent of California residents carry earthquake insurance on their homes—and it is well known that much of California is prime territory for destruction by earth movement.

Have you reviewed the earth movement insurance that your clients carry recently?

It even offers a white paper regarding the coverage and issues, "After a Quake: Insurance Coverage in Earthquake Disasters." My suggestion is that policyholders discuss the alternative methods for obtaining the coverage with their agents and brokers. Also, consider obtaining a Difference in Conditions form which picks up otherwise excluded coverages.