Absolutely. The problem is that there is no industry to uncover these acts and no propagandists sensationalizing what is going on. But the evidence is there.

For example, Marsh & McLennan just paid over seven million dollars as partial punishment for a bid rigging scheme involving other insurance companies.

"The intricate bid rigging scheme allowed Marsh to designate which insurance company’s bid would "win" a particular account. To create the appearance of a competitive bidding process, Marsh would instruct certain insurers to submit inflated, intentionally uncompetitive bids. These schemes gave commercial policyholders the impression that they were receiving the most competitive commercial premiums available, when they were actually being overcharged."

Where are the insurance industry propagandists like Barry Zalma and Dennis Jay calling for these individuals to be jailed? Where are their calls to stop cheating claims practices that result in delayed and underpaid claims everyday?

I do not mean to be unfair. Policyholder cheating and fraud is wrong and hurts everybody. It just seems the insurance companies need to get their house in order before calling their customers bigger cheats than they are.

What do you think?