Either the Governor of Florida or Allstate is not telling the truth. The lead front page story of the St. Petersburg Times stated the following:"Gov. Charlie Crist confirmed the Allstate offer was floated recently, and he promptly rejected it. Allstate officials said…..that no offer had been made." Which is it?

Is Allstate accusing the Governor of making this up? Maybe they are playing the "would ya, if I coulda , then ya shoulda" game where no offers are "officially" made? Still, Allstate better get its agents back on the reservation because they claim Allstate offered $10 million. I know Charlie Crist. He has always been up front regarding his views even if I do not agree with him. Our relationship is good enough that when I told him I was supporting another friend for Governor, Jim Davis, Charlie said he understood, but hoped I would reconsider in the future. The Allstate spokesperson’s version of the truth is another matter. Throughout the ordeal regarding McKinsey documents, Allstate maintained those claims documents had nothing to do with Homeowners’ claims. I told the press Allstate was simply not telling the truth. Now that Allstate has placed those documents on its website, everyone can see Allstate lied, because McKinsey "redesigned" the methodolgy for handling homeowners claims as well. Allstate’s ads ask, "Whom do you trust?" The answer should be clear to everybody–not Allstate .