As happy as I was to report A Public Adjuster Wins a Seat in the Florida House of Representatives, I was saddened to learn of Gene Taylor‘s defeat. Slabbed reported the story in Election 2010 Fallout: Media From Across the Country Weigh in on Gene Taylor’s Election Loss.

Gene Taylor fought for his constituency and policyholders, as noted in Are We Doomed To Repeat This Again?

"I met with Gene Taylor, a United States Representative from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, in early 2007 regarding this problem. Hurricane Katrina destroyed his home and those of friends. He understood that coastal policyholders with complete destruction were only getting the flood damage paid for under the coverage purchased through the National Flood Program. Despite homes miles inland being paid significant benefits under their all risk coverage from wind damage, coastal insureds suffering from a combination of wind and flood were generally getting paid pennies on the dollar for wind related damage. He and other coastal Representatives believe that the only solution available is to make available a policy that covers both the water and wind perils which occur during a hurricane."

Four months after I wrote that post, Hurricane Ike slammed into the Bolivar Peninsula. The same insurance scenario was repeated. It will happen again. With Taylor’s defeat, the most vocal federal level advocate for insurance reform benefiting the property insurance policyholder has been silenced.

Things never stay the same. We all end up saying "good bye" at points in our life. I will always have fond memories of Gene Taylor and his dedication as a congressman to help those along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sometimes, noble quests are simply impossible dreams, but hopefully, he will continue the fight at a grassroots level. Have a great weekend!