If you are a homeowner in Florida or someone who helps homeowners with insurance claims in Florida, mark your calendar to attend a meeting with Florida’s Consumer Advocate, Robin Westcott, and the Homeowners’ Policy & Claim Bill of Rights Working Group. The meeting will be held at the Pinellas Realtors Organization, 4590 Ulmerton Road, Clearwater, on Monday, August 19, 2013, from 1:00pm- 6:30pm, and public comments will be welcome.

In a press release issued Wednesday, Robin Westcott stated,

This meeting is an opportunity for homeowners who have suffered an insurance claim to allow their voices to be heard by the working group and to help others who may experience future damage to their homes from a falling tree, fire, broken pipe, hurricane or another insurable loss.

The Working Group has been tackling topics like:

  • Adjusting & Investigating the Claim – Examinations Under Oath
  • Post-Claim Underwriting & Material Misrepresentation on the Application
  • Solicitation of Consumers within 48 – 72 Hours of a Loss and Policyholders’ Requirement to Mitigate Damages
  • Assignment of Claims and Unauthorized Adjusting of Claims
  • Insurers’ Right to Repair – Safeguards and Warranties for Consumers
  • Non-Renewal of Policies – Post-Claim but Prior to Repairs
  • Mortgage Company Withholding of Funds for Repairs for Loans in Arrears and Guarantee 100 Percent Replacement Cost
  • Mediation and Appraisal and Neutral Evaluator qualifications

It is incredibly important that policyholders and their advocates take this opportunity to give public comment and weigh in on these issues. The Department of Consumer Services, Florida’s Consumer Advocate, and many insurance companies will be present at this meeting you should too.