The person that can qualify as an appraiser for a policyholder in Colorado is still a guess with policyholders not exactly knowing what to do about the selection of their appraiser. One Colorado insurance company law firm has their clients select very biased appraisers against their own customers and then challenges almost all policyholder appraisers as biased. This firm with their clients’ blessings, then tries to have the customer collect nothing arguing that the customer breached the policy by selecting a “biased” appraiser while having a “polecat” selected in the wings as their own appraiser.

What insurer acting in Good Faith would unleash lawyers against their own customers?

The Colorado Division of Insurance is asking for comments to a draft bulletin on this issue with the following notice:

Click on the image below to read the entire draft Bulletin and proposed language:

Merlin Law Group will certainly make a comment about the proposed draft language. I would suggest others reading this blog distribute the draft bulletin and let me know your thoughts in a legal sense. If you are a consumer advocate, I encourage you to file your own comments to the Colorado Division of Insurance.

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