Something is rotten in Florida and Texas regarding the manner Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) are treating their customers. Rotten because both are breaking obligations they owe to policyholders. Somebody needs to be held accountable because claims management is condoning, if not initiating, the wrongful behavior.

Citizens was investigated in 2007 regarding its claims handling. The Citizens claims management explained how they went from an inept claims organization to one which maintained standards at least as good as any in Florida. While that was debatable, I agreed that Citizens responded better to the 2007 storms than it did in 2004.

Five months ago, there was a major change in the Citizens claims organization. Within the last month, we have received complaints regarding hardball, deceitful, and bad faith claims handling by Citizens with the full support of the new Citizens claims management. While Citizens publicizes that its intent is to provide "fast, fair, honest and accurate claims service," recent examples provided to me indicate that mission statement is false.

Insurance adjusters have to investigate coverage and evaluate damages. They are ethically bound to do this promptly, honestly, and in good faith. This is required of every adjuster as part of their license with the state of Florida. Today, Citizens adjusters are being told by its managers not to provide Citizens’ estimate of damage to the policyholder or policyholders representatives. At the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Winter Conference last week, many public adjusters told me that Citizens refuses to provide its estimate of damage, claiming that it is "work product."

How a policyholder knows whether Citizens’ payment is accurate without an estimate of how Citizens evaluates the damage is beyond me. It would be like getting an IRS refund and the IRS refusing to tell you how it figured the number. Or, imagine a scenario where a butcher takes the steak you select, tells you to give $20, weighs the steak, and then gives you back $2.02 in change, but refuses to tell you how much the steak cost per pound and its weight. Some may consider this a possible theft, yet this is what Citizens is doing to Floridians every day.

What is worse is that TWIA has been doing the same to its policyholders with a slight twist. It paid most slab claimants approximately 10% of the face value of the policy. It generally provided no estimate for this, but has indicated it was investigating. We have received dozens of calls from potential clients asking how long TWIA can take to investigate and not provide an estimate. Texas public adjusters are calling in furious because TWIA adjusters make up excuses for not providing any of its estimates.

The worst example is a Citizens policyholder now represented by Nancy Dominguez of Florida Adjusting Services Team, Inc. The policyholder was sent a check and complete release without an estimate. Citizens sent these, obviously hoping the client would take the check and sign the release. Nancy learned of this  and demanded an appraisal to resolve the amount of the loss because the check amount was far lower than the amount she estimated. In the appraisal proceeding, the Citizens estimate was finally turned over, and it was for an amount higher than the payment check it sent to the policyholder. The appraisal resulted in an award almost double Citizens’ "hidden" estimate and about three times the amount of the fraudulent check.

Insurance adjusters should be prosecuted for this conduct. It is an attempt at insurance fraud.

Maybe our law firm should not complain. Our phones are ringing off the hook. Yet, while insurer bad faith is good for business, it is terrible when it is obvious these practices harm those who are already in desperate need of fair and honest treatment.