We rarely find ourselves going after Chubb for underpaid policyholder claims because they sell a great insurance product and usually pay claims. If all insurance companies sold a product that was drafted with full replacement coverage and fewer exclusions and trained their claims adjusters to look for ways to pay claims, our law firm would be broke.

Chubb ran an advertisement acknowledging that its competitors sell an inferior product. The ad indicated that policyholders should not expect to be "treated fairly and paid quickly" unless they insure with Chubb. What an indictment by an insurance industry leader. This is not Chip Merlin calling the insurance adjustment business a den of thieves. Chubb, which has been in the insurance business for more than 125 years, is apparently upset with cheap competitors stealing business and is advertising a warning to all—insure with us or you will get unfair treatment and slowly adjusted claims.

Good for Chubb. It is about time that honest insurers advertise why other less honest insurers offer lower premium rates; less forthright insurers sell a product worded, in the event of a claim or litigation, in the insurer’s favor and train adjusters to be most concerned about paying as little as possible.

If silence speaks a thousand words, it is quite significant that none of the other insurers made a peep about the allegations Chubb made about them.