Unlike any other birthday, this one has caused a great deal of reflection for me. I am grateful my job allows me to interact with so many wonderful people. The most pleasurable aspect of this life is spending it with others. Even my opponents who work for the insurance companies provide pleasure–I love the competition. Winning is even better.

I grew up in a Coast Guard family. Travel, being in new far away places, and meeting new friends has always been a constant in my life. Leaving is never fun, but there is always the next adventure and challenge. This type of constant change is what I enjoy about my legal practice. I hope that the stamina required to do this work will not fade too fast. This is fun, and I do not want the music to stop.

My wife Kim planned and executed the perfect surprise birthday party last Saturday night. A biographical video she and Jack Stein made left me in tears. Fifty years of life activities seem to go by in a blink.

Thank you for reading this blog which allows me to share my views and thoughts. I am pretty certain I learn more from writing than you do from reading. .

Kim and I are leaving for two weeks in Italy. We have always talked of going, and this birthday is a great excuse. I am getting deeply involved in Hurricane Ike matters, and this will be a nice break before playing the litigation game as hard as I can in Texas.

I will have posts this afternoon and Friday. Guest Bloggers will post until I return. I invite you to write a Guest Blog regarding any aspect of property insurance. Call Ruck DeMinico at (813) 229-1000, for arrangements if you are interested.

Celebrating my 50th Birthday certainly beats the alternative.