Insurance appraisal topics are one of the hottest topics on the property insurance landscape. The Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association asked me, as a "special guest speaker," to talk about my recent paper, Overturning Appraisal Awards for Bias and Seeking Discovery from Appraisers, published by the American Bar Association.

It was easy for me to accept this September 18 speaking engagement in Lighthouse Point, Florida. It just happened to conflict with my physical and checkup. The only better conflict would have been with my dentist’s day of sadistic attack into my mouth.

Most appraisers are probably wondering, "what is wrong with being a biased appraiser?" In some states, nothing. In other states, it is becoming a much more commonly litigated issue because some states require appraisers to be completely independent and unbiased. Some states allow appraisers to be biased and even on a contingency fee.

There is another set of rules for umpires. Umpires are supposed to be unbiased in all states and there are techniques to ferret out bias, which will be discussed. Those participating in appraisals as umpires will find this a "cannot miss" session.

We are putting together a fantastic presentation and paper full of tips. But, there is one caveat–you have to show up to get the materials or at least pay to register for the meeting. A lot of readers ask for my information, which I ordinarily provide gratis, but showing up or paying the nominal charge for the price of admission is important for organizations sponsoring these events.

Whether your work and referrals for appraisal come from insurers or policyholders, I can promise you that if you come and pay attention, you will learn and earn from the experience.

See you there, and here is the link for registration.