Last weekend, all eyes were focused on Hurricane Irene. Now, concerns are being raised about the potential damage, destruction, and deluge that could result from Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Katia.

In the article, Next Time I Will Do It Differently: Insurance Regrets After Disasters, public adjuster Ron Reitz, CPPA, provides valuable information for both those who have suffered a loss and those who want to educate themselves to be prepared for the future.

The Eight Regrets:

  1. I never bought flood insurance
  2. I didn’t tell my insurance company about my home addition
  3. I didn’t buy earthquake insurance
  4. I didn’t buy insurance because I am a renter
  5. I didn’t have the correct replacement costs in my home insurance policy
  6. I lost my policy
  7. I didn’t take photographs of the damage to my home
  8. I never took inventory of my possessions

Ron Reitz, the current first vice president of the National Association of Public Adjusters, says “it often takes a tragedy for homeowners to recognize how important insurance can be.” But following the advice Ron and others provide in this article may alleviate some of the stress, headaches, and potential regret for insureds.

Before opening Quality Claims, Ron pioneered the National Hazard Insurance Claims business at GMAC-RFC. He is the past President of the California Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (CAPIA) and will be the president of the National Association in 2012.

Quality Claims Management Corporation, based out of San Diego, California, provides hazard claim recovery services to investors, mortgage servicers, homeowners and businesses. “All claims are adjusted by licensed insurance professionals for an equitable settlement and accelerated resolution timelines. Ron’s team follows the mission statement to “provide premier insurance recovery services to our clients through unrivaled diligence, expertise, integrity and passion for excellence.”

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