2014 is going to be a year of positives for me. We need to leave negative thoughts behind and learn how to be successful at life, claims adjustment and helping people get everything they deserve as quickly as possible.

I assume that most in the insurance company claims community agree with me. Don’t let your claims managers drag you down into the abyss of wrongful conduct. Object, complain or quit–an unethical life helping others rip off customers is not going to make you happy.

Two quick adjustment claims decisions I saw in the review of files while in Denver last week:

1. Contents manipulation solely to fix real property damage is a construction expense. It does not allow an insurer with no contents coverage to deny that part of the claim because there is no contents coverage.

2. Roof damages to gas vents are to be done by people specialized in that field and not general roofers. People are getting harmed and killed in some cases because some insurers are requiring unqualified roof laborers to use old unmatched vents or laborers who do not know the critical importance vents play with preventing carbon monoxide gas to escape into a structure.

I will give examples in blogs this week demonstrating both.


"I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money."

-Pablo Picasso