Wanted: The ability to work faster.

Smart phone and tablet technology may make adjusting a tad easier. It’s a fast pace world, and when you help multiple clients who are in urgent need of assistance, you should take advantage of a few easy buttons. You already have your phone in your hand, why not add your tablet and smart phone to the tools you use for adjusting property damage claims?

The makers of the popular claims estimating software have an app. Don’t delay doing a scope of building until you are back at the office. Save time re-writing your handwritten notes and sketches. This app allows estimates to be done on site. Save photos of the damage and use the GPS feature too.
Click here to watch a one minute video on the benefits of the app.

Public adjuster users claim its a good app, but that it takes some time to become familiar with the app. Drawing and manipulating a floor plan with the slide of your finger tip makes this app very user friendly, but critics are frustrated with time spent searching for particular items needed for scopes. One frequent user says he uses the app to do the floor plan and the photos on site, but he explained the rest of the interface is too slow and even if you know what line items you want for the estimate, you will spend extra time searching on the app version. However, with the accuracy and ease of use for the floor plans, you can finish before leaving an appointment. Sketches of dimensions on the back of the file folder could be a thing of the past.

IJ News
The Insurance Journal at a touch. This is an easy to use interface for news articles and pod casts on hot insurance topics nationwide.

One note
In such an inspection driven profession, public adjusters might rarely be behind a desk during the day. This app allows adjusters to catch up on the daily to do list and make notes on the go.

Also try Dragon Dictation
Avoid typing while on the road. The more you use this free software, the better the transcription seems. Send your message via text or email.

A photo is worth a thousand words.

This app lets you easily send photos with descriptions and claim information from the field. If you don’t use a photo organization app and you take video or photos on your smartphone, you spend a lot of extra time back at the office uploading the photos. When you use your smart phone camera for claims, you should consider an app that helps you file photos. This is worth the $9.99 price.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite
Also worth $9.99, this app is your office on the go. It is really three apps in one: Quickword ($8.99) for Word docs; Quicksheet ($8.99) for spreadsheets; and Quickoffice Files ($0.99) for swapping files with other computers and online disks.

Tap a Word or Excel file to edit (including .docx or .xlsx), or tap other files for read-only viewing (PDF, PowerPoint, and others). Connect to MobileMe iDisks to copy files back and forth, or share files with other computers on the same WiFi network.

Dropbox and GoodReader are applications that bring your whole office with you through your phone and Ipad and makes sharing so much easier.

Are other apps that help you save time adjusting claims or keeping in touch with clients? Do you have a critique or a comment on the apps listed here? Join the conversation and post your comments below.