Drew Houghton, Roger Staubach, and Larry Bache

If you are a storm restoration contractor and never been to April Hall’s Storm Restoration Contractor (“SRC”) Summit, you’re missing out. I had the privilege of meeting April for the first time in 2018 when Chip Merlin and Larry Bache in our office were speaking at an event she hosted on Overhead & Profit. At the O&P event she announced Roger Staubach was going to be the keynote speaker the following March at the 2019 SRC Summit and she asked Larry and myself to speak. We agreed, of course, and suffice it to say the 2019 SRC Summit in Fort Worth was a huge success.

So, when April invited me and Rene Sigman to sit on the expert legal panel at the 2020 SRC Summit held this past weekend in Plano, Texas, we were honored. When I was talking to Chip Merlin to recount the success of the event, we both reflected on the growth and success of April’s SRC events. Each year the attendance and quality of education shared with restoration contractors continues to grow. So, if you didn’t attend here’s a few of the many takeaways to pass along.

The keynote speaker, John Houghtaling, kicked off the event with a list of traps contractors routinely run into, and he explained how to avoid them. Passionately and colorfully, Mr. Houghtaling shared his insight and experience about UPPA, deductibles, and among other things, insurer fraud. Bookending the topic of insurer fraud, Doug Quinn, Executive Director for the American Policyholders Association (“APA”) shared his personal experience as a Superstorm Sandy victim and his dedication to protect American insurance consumers from fraud perpetuated by insurance company employees as well as the engineering and adjusting firms they hire. As one would expect from a marine veteran dedicated to a paradigm shift in the industry, Doug Quinn conveyed how strong the APA was and that it was not going anywhere in its zealous mission to prosecute fraud committed against policyholders. If you have any questions about the APA and its mission or wish to report fraudulent activity by an insurance company you can go here.

In addition to the many well-known speakers and leaders in their fields, such as Steve Patrick of Level the Playing Field, exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, Howard Partridge, Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro, and expert panel discussions on marketing, commercial roofing, and other industry topics, the legal panel, moderated by John Houghtaling, addressed in detail the current issues of UPPA, appraisal, engineers in the claim process, starting the timeclock of a claim, and how to assist policyholders in maneuvering through the complications of a claim.

The SRC 2020 ended with a discussion on weather by HailTrace CEO, Derik Kline, and an abbreviated weather prediction for 2020.

To hear more from HailTrace, including the full 2020 hail forecast, be sure and attend one of the many remaining Highway to Hail 2020 forecast events in Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Charlotte, Orlando, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh.

All in all, April Hall’s devotion to the storm restoration industry by assembling bright and knowledgeable speakers was an educational experience for all who attended. Stay tuned for what April Hall has in store for SRC 2021 because one thing is for sure – nobody will be disappointed by the event.