Last month, I was blessed to spend my birthday in Guatemala City serving some underprivileged children with a group called Children’s Hopechest. When I returned to my office, I was very happy to find an email from a colleague directing me to a a new State Assembly bill that has been introduced to provide a private right of action to an insured under the Unfair Claims Practices Act.

Assembly Bill 3710 is largely similar to Senate Bill S-2460 which I wrote about back in February Unfortunately, S-2460 is stuck in Committee at this point with little hope of making to a vote. For the sake of the policyholders of New Jersey, let’s all hope the Assembly Bill makes it to a vote.

If you are not familiar with Children’s Hopechest or their mission, I can’t say enough good things about them but would encourage you to check out their website:

Here are some photographs from my trip: