Just when the lights are turned back on, roads cleared and the messes cleaned up from Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gustav, here come the next two platinum hits on the 2008 Storm Charts. Tropical Storm Hanna cannot seem to figure herself out.  She will likely move along the Carolinas and up the Atlantic Coastline. Hurricane Ike is very, very troubling.  Already a category 4 hurricane, Ike is aiming for South Florida–the worst possible place to come ashore.  A category 4 hurricane that hits Dade or Broward county will cause unprecedented property loss.  Moreover, it would be a financial catastrophe to the state of Florida, as the legislature agreed to underwrite the hurricane insurance policies. I pray Ike goes elsewhere, and it is a long way from land. However, the initial models look bad.  Insurers and policyholders should prepare and plan for the logistical needs in the aftermath of what could be one of natures worst storms.