Take some advice from Benjamin Franklin.   Just a few minutes and you may possibly save your property from a loss that is not covered and save yourself some intense stress.

  1. Buy flood insurance.;
  2. Do not skip out of flood insurance because you are not in a flood zone;
  3. Do not skip out on flood insurance because the neighborhood has allegedly never been subject to a flood- just buy the insurance;
  4. Don’t lay in bed at night, sleeplessly tossing and turning while worrying whether you should have bought flood insurance. Buy flood insurance.

Another important note, if you have flood insurance and you are notified that your property risk has been re-evaluated, you may be subject to an increase or a decrease in risk based upon what the evaluation reveals. If this happens to you and your flood insurance premium changes, you must pay the correct policy amount for the insurance coverage.

If you mortgage company pays your insurance policies, pay close attention. Regardless of whether your mortgage company pays your flood insurance, your homeowners’ insurance or both, you need to check and make sure that the premium dollars match up with the costs being charged by the carriers and those funds are making their way to the insurance company in a timely fashion. A late or underpaid policy premium can spell disaster should you suffer a loss and not have insurance in place. With flood policies, if you insurance cancellation is revoked and coverage is reinstated there is often a 30 day period before there is coverage.

Please take just a few minutes and protect your property. Think about Mr. Franklin and see rule number one: Buy Flood Insurance.

There are too many catastrophic weather problems to just chance it, and once you have insurance, take one extra step and make sure it is properly paid.