The American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (AAPIA) testified and presented an amendment to a proposed bill before the Pennsylvania House Insurance Committee yesterday. The bill was tabled to consider the proposed amendment. Gene Veno President of AAPIA made the presentation before the committee and reported that he:

…told the committee the association’s legal counsel looked at the same issue raised by Rep. Manderino. Veno said under the provisions of the legislation, if someone has a malfeasance or forgets to file an application or does something of an incompetent nature, it would be raised to a third degree felony. He told the committee the association thinks that “is a little hard for that individual.” According to Veno, the association’s legal counsel has drafted an amendment which provides anytime a third degree felony is offered it really has to do with fraudulent activities, absconding of funds and incorrect information as it relates to the policy holder or insurance company. Veno said, “They are clearly felonies and we wholeheartedly support that type of language but where there is a mistake made or some application is in error that should not be a third degree felony.

Many may not be familiar with AAPIA. Its website has a message from Gene Veno which provides an interesting perspective about the organization:

As the AAPIA enters an era of growth and expansion, we are pleased to introduce what we trust will serve as an invaluable tool for networking, marketing and communication among our members and friends. There has never been a better time to enjoy all that AAPIA offers to enhance your success as a Public Adjuster.

The AAPIA is a leading professional organization representing Public Adjusters from all over the United States. The AAPIA sponsors educational, social and networking programs throughout the year. Our website allows us to take our efforts to the next level as we plan to offer in the future such features as continuing education, research, and a message board….

…. AAPIA [has] worked on some of the largest issues including the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Public Adjuster Model Act, Pennsylvania House Bill 1954, as well as the Louisiana Public Adjuster Act. We also provide education, and in the future, certification programs, which will further improve your business. AAPIA will serve our membership in the following ways:

AAPIA represents all insureds!

AAPIA represents Public Insurance Adjusters!

AAPIA’s mission is to provide for its members a fair and open market place!

Gene interviewed me a couple weeks ago for two different Podcasts regarding public adjusting in Florida and our law firm. I had never been interviewed for such media–I suppose that shows my age, which increases by one year tomorrow.

Congratulations to Gene and best wishes for success.