At last week’s FAPIA conference, the torch passed from President David Beasley to newly elected President Pat Cuccaro. The audience leapt from their chairs to give David Beasley a standing ovation and to salute his work over the past year.

The hard work David Beasley provided to FAPIA has made a definite impact on the association and FAPIA’s conferences. During Beasley’s time as president, members received monthly updates about the work of FAPIA and news updates on topics affecting Florida insureds. Beasley worked closely with FAPIA’s public relations firm to increase public awareness of public adjusters, challenge unsupported negative remarks about the public adjusting industry and promote consumer rights.

Beasley also spearheaded a new sponsorship program to ensure FAPIA’s ability to continue its fight for the rights of consumers who want to hire public adjusters. He changed the educational structure of the association by hiring Florida Career Development, Inc., which successfully secured continuing education credits for public adjusters and continuing legal education credits for associate members who are attorneys. Beasley was also instrumental in bringing FAPIA and NAPIA together so that both associations work as a team in Tallahassee to best serve the public adjusting industry and consumers. This partnership has been very successful.

Beasley joined FAPIA in 2001 and has been a board member for the past seven years. He credits positive changes within the association to the hard work of the board and the close relationships of past presidents.

Long before becoming the president of FAPIA and before he became a public insurance adjuster, David Beasley worked as independent adjuster and then as a large loss residential and commercial adjuster for Nationwide.

I enjoy helping people in need. There is no greater satisfaction than when an insured gives you a big hug and thank you for assisting them put their family’s life back together after suffering a substantial loss.

As time passed, Nationwide began to make changes that caused Beasley to question his role in the process. In November 2001, Beasley decided that he no longer felt comfortable working for Nationwide and joined a public adjusting company. Beasley stated:

This was the right decision, now I can truly help people without any of the insurance company restrictions or interference. The first month or so was a big eye opener as a public adjuster. As I would meet policyholders, I could not believe how their claims were under paid or denied when there was no question that the damages were covered. My jaw kept dropping when I would witness these injustices. I would like to thank Ron Livingstone for giving me the opportunity and training which has helped me become the Public Adjuster I am today! Thanks Ron!

Since becoming a public adjuster, Beasley feels like he is making a difference and oftentimes helps people who can’t help themselves. It is not uncommon for Beasley to take a case pro bono if the insured is in need.

I have a soft spot for the elderly and the disadvantaged. I truly enjoy helping people. Insurance policies provide insurance benefits to the insureds, but insurance companies are making it increasingly difficult for policyholders to get a fair settlement.

Beasley is not only a veteran adjuster, he is also a Windstorm Insurance Network® Certified Umpire with advanced training and frequently acts as an umpire or appraiser evaluating insurance claims.

Beasley has also been called to testify as an expert on bad faith regarding the standards that should be followed during a claims investigation. He and the other members of FAPIA have pledged to follow a code of ethics that goes beyond what the Florida Statutes require; this voluntary association holds its members to a higher standard.



  • Conduct themselves in a spirit of fairness and Justice to their Clients, the Insuring Industry, and the Insuring Public, as to command the respect and confidence of All.
  • Solicitation of business will be conducted on the highest level of Propriety and Professionalism.
  • Institute a rate of commission that is fair and equitable and strictly in accordance with laws of Florida and the rule of the Department of Insurance.
  • Presentation of all facts will be represented to the Insuring Public and the Insurance Industry with undisputed clarity.
  • Observe the rules of licensure set by the Department of Insurance and Peruse the laws of State of Florida without deviation.
  • Follow a standard of education that assures the proper fitting, of knowledge and experience, for the adjusting process assumed.
  • Shall never disseminate any form of agreement, advertising, or printed matter, which might subject public adjusting and Public Adjusters to criticism or disrespect.
  • Will always protect the rights of the insuring public and assure professionalism within the membership of Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
  1. Members shall conduct themselves in a spirit of fairness & justice to their clients, the insurance companies and the public.
  2. Members shall refrain from improper solicitation.
  3. No misrepresentation of any kind shall be made to an insured or to the insurance companies.
  4. Commission rates shall be fair and equitable and strictly in accordance with the prevailing laws or regulations of FDFS.
  5. Members shall conduct themselves so as to command respect and confidence. They shall work in harmony with one another, with their clients and the insurance company representatives, so as to foster a cordial and harmonious relationship with all branches of insurance business, and work with the general public.
  6. Members must be fitted, by the knowledge and experience, for the work they undertake. They must not endanger the interests of the public adjusting profession, or risk injustice to insureds or to the insurance companies by attempting to handle losses or claims for which they are not qualified, and for which they cannot find competent technical assistance.
  7. Members shall not engage in the unauthorized practice of law.
  8. Members shall not acquire any interest in salvaged property or participate in any way, directly or indirectly, in the reconstruction, repair, or restoration of damaged property, except with the knowledge, consent and permission of the Insured.
  9. Members shall be cooperative and assist one another in every possible way.
  10. Members shall not disseminate or use any form of agreement, advertising, or any printed matter that is harmful to the profession of public adjusting, or which does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Florida Insurance Department, or which might subject public adjusting and public adjusters to criticism or disrespect.

As President of FAPIA, Beasley volunteered much of his business time making sure public adjuster and policyholder interests are front and center. Much of that time was spent fighting laws which restrict consumers from public adjuster representation; laws that harm policyholders and violate their rights to fair representation. Beasley’s hard work and dedication to FAPIA should be recognized and appreciated. He can be reached at 321-277-1784 or via email at

If you are interested in becoming a member of FAPIA, please contact the organization directly at their website or by calling 407-830-4892.