Insurance lobbyists are going to be called out by one new member of the Florida House of Representatives. Frank Artilles won his campaign despite the insurance industry making an all-out effort to defeat a Republican candidate. It is difficult enough to win an election. It is nearly a miracle when the insurance industry uses its muscle and money to target a campaign.

Frank Artilles is the first public adjuster to be elected to a position in Florida’s government. He told me that he wants to strengthen Florida’s insurance industry and make it fair for consumers. That is the way it should be.

Frank is a very independent and strong willed individual. Some of his ideas about insurance are not shared by me. However, I supported Frank Artilles in this blog when many questioned whether he could win a primary.

I would suggest that consumers help Frank Artilles during his battles in Tallahassee. The insurance industry has a legion of lobbyists and its political muscle is extraordinary.