I currently have an hour and forty-five minute commute (until my house sells and I can move closer to the office). As you can imagine, listening to the same songs on the radio over and over can get old after a while. Thankfully, Mike Buonocore from our Red Bank office introduced me to the world of podcasts, and I stopped listening to the radio. I have since assembled my go-to political, fantasy football, sports/MMA, and mystery podcasts for the work commute.

One night I got curious and typed “Property Damage Insurance” into the podcast search engine and was surprised to find not one but multiple podcasts pertaining to this field. These podcasts include:

I’ve listened to multiple episodes from each of the above podcasts. They are informative and tend to cover trending issues. For example, the Property Insurance Roundtable’s most recent episode included Greg Raab, President of NAPIA, speaking on legislation concerning the unauthorized practice of public adjusting and assignment of benefits.

There are also adjuster podcasts such as:

One of the recent episodes from The Adjuster Show revolved around the ArrimOne AR Laser Measuring Device and its functions. The device is plugged into your phone or tablet and connects with an app that you download. The device enables your phone or tablet to take laser measurements during inspections.

The device has multiple functions such as circle measuring, floorplan building, and area calculating. The most interesting function was the ability to take a photo, save the photo, and perform all of the measurements in the photo at a later time from your desk. For more information on the device, check out https://www.arrim.net/.

I’ll mix in an episode or two of these podcasts into my daily morning commute on the way to work. If you’re in the insurance industry and ever find yourself facing a long commute, consider downloading some of these episodes and give them a listen.