Policyholders should remain vigilant in confirming their property insurance policies are aligned with their current coverage needs – before disaster strikes. Tropical Storm Elsa will certainly not be the last bit of potentially threatening tropical activity during this year’s hurricane season. While Elsa was certainly not the strongest storm Florida has ever seen, it was another reminder of the heavy rains and winds these tropical storms and hurricanes can bring.
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Merlin Law Group supports the work public adjusters do for policyholders in helping them obtain justice on property insurance claims. As part of being The Policyholder’s Advocate™, our firm has developed several guides for individual states that public adjusters can reference for information on statutes and procedures.
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With hurricane season nearing fast, now is the time to check up on your insurance policy to determine whether you are covered on all fronts. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage from flooding, meaning policyholders are required to obtain supplemental flood insurance to protect their home against potential storm surges. While most policyholders obtain flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, there are private insurer options available to those looking for another option.
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Hurricane season is just around the corner. The Weather Channel’s 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook predicts another above-average season, meaning policyholders must take the time to ensure they are adequately prepared. Preparation extends to both safeguarding your home and addresses any coverage gaps or underinsurance issues with your policy.
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