The aftermath of Hurricane Ian is far from over for many public adjusters still handling unresolved Hurricane Ian claims. Whether you are a seasoned public adjuster or a relative newcomer to the profession, many are caught in the quagmire of unresolved claims tied to this devastating event for many reasons. I mentioned that our firm is holding seminars across Florida in yesterday afternoon’s post, Attention Public Adjusters: Urgent Reminder on Upcoming Deadline for National Flood Proofs of Loss. If you are handling a Hurricane Ian national flood insurance claim and have not read that post, stop. Click on that right now and read what I wrote. Even if you filed the proof of loss, please stop and read that post.

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The property insurance policy calls for a court to appoint umpires. Parties typically file a petition to appoint an umpire and then a request to confirm the appraisal award after the appraisal panel renders a decision. A reader of this blog asked me to comment on the following ruling from a recent Florida appellate case:1 

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Our law firm library is brimming with insurance company chronicles from books published long ago by the insurance industry. In these, company executives of yesteryears boasted about the swiftness with which they compensated their claimants. They painted pictures of drained company treasuries and the extraordinary efforts of their claims staff, working overtime to ensure prompt payments. These tales often shined a light on a business ethic that put the policyholder first.

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Note: This guest post is by Doug Quinn, American Policyholder Association Executive Director.

Hurricane Idalia swept through, leaving behind its legacy. In its wake, Maui grappled with fires, Hurricane Lee stirred the Atlantic, the stock market experienced fluctuations, and political factions continued their age-old dance of rivalry. While seasons transitioned and we near the anniversary of Hurricane Ian, the nation’s attention has shifted. 

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The best bets are those that are guaranteed winners, as they aren’t truly bets at all. Insurance companies would prefer a scenario where it’s “heads I win, tails you lose.” One doesn’t need an actuarial degree to understand that collecting premiums on risks that will never result in payouts is a profitable strategy.

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The answer to this question is found in an earlier blog post, An Insurer’s Obligation to Match: Comparable Materials and Quality, written by Jon Bukowski six years ago. A Colorado federal court opinion involving appraisal, matching, and bad faith rendered last week is the reason for this post about matching.1 I have another post dealing with the other aspects of that case tomorrow.           

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As I read an appellate opinion about the illegal public adjuster contract, which went viral a day later,1 I kept thinking about how this entire scenario could easily have been avoided. The contract was obviously illegal when I read it. I did not have to wait for the opinion to tell me what any rookie lawyer should have known. 

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Do insurance companies support training for their claims adjusters and managers to promote good faith and ethical claims handling? Barry Zalma recently stated in his September 1st insurance industry newsletter, Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter, the following:

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The Windstorm Insurance Network, its members, officers, and board members deserve a huge shout-out. The WIND website lists donations to those suffering from disasters for almost 20 years. The most recent donation is for the tragic Maui wildfires:

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