This Wednesday will be the Roundtable discussion regarding appraisal. It will be significant and I urge anybody with an opinion or interest to write to Sean Shaw, the Insurance Consumer Advocate. You can also watch the roundtable at WFSU Florida Channel and call into the conference at 1-888-808-6959 Code: 4132880.

I have studied the issue and have a recommendation that will keep appraisal in the insurance contract, keep the possibility of an informal appraisal proceeding and satisfy the insurance industry’s concerns of due process. I will post those tomorrow afternoon.

Here are the panelists:

Here is the agenda:


  • shirley heflin

    Geez, here I was scrolling through the list of Panelists and said aloud “Where’s Chip?” and when I scrolled a little bit further down, your name popped up!

    That’s alot of Panelists (17) and there doesn’t appear to be alot of time allotted for this “roundtable discussion.” It’s from 10-3:30 (w/an hr for lunch) leaving only 4.5 hrs. to “discuss.”

    Plz get in as much as you can…I know you’ll try!!


    P.S….and I know “who” you’re rooting for!!

  • Mike Rump


    I certainly hope that when the “problems with appraisal in it’s current form” are mentioned that someone asks for real evidence of these alleged problems. I hope it isn’t accepted as fact (as previous roundtables seemed to do).

    I know you can’t be steamrolled Chip, so give em hell.

    Good luck and I know alot of us will be watching.

  • thanks for all you do for insured Floridian’s!! Looking forward to seeing the discussion. Ansd I agree with Mike – where’s the evidence that there is a problem – other than the fact that people have to resort to this alternative dispute resolution all too often to be properly compensated for their losses.

  • Erv Bartlett

    In the words of the wise “Larry the Cable Man”

    ……Git R Done.

    Good luck fighting the insurance establishment.