If you are a public adjuster or roofing contractor, you may help multiple policyholders – in same area, with the same carrier – after a natural disaster. If your policyholder clients are getting the same line items denied in claim after claim – or inconsistent payments/denials regarding the same line items – consider filing Mass Actions against the individual carriers.

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Sometimes policyholders will assign the right to payment under an insurance policy (i.e., assign policy benefits) to a third party (e.g., a mitigation company or contractor, in the property insurance context) following a loss. During one seminar I attended at last week’s Windstorm Conference in Orlando, we discussed whether an assignee and an assignor (i.e., the policyholder) are obliged to comply with post-loss / pre-suit policy conditions after an assignment of benefits. I thought it worthwhile to make that discussion part of this blog series. So, here we go…

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