Ron DeSantis did not create the current mess of the Florida insurance industry. There are many causes and people to blame for the current mess. The question raised by a recent publication1 is whether the proper measures to correct the problems were not taken because the insurance industry has paid off Florida’s top executive. 

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How many apartment complexes and other structures have dangerous residue from smoke, and the landlord does not want to find out how bad it is for fear of losing tenants? A proposed Colorado law takes aim at this difficult issue.

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While I have often said that appraisal is the Wild West of insurance claims resolution because there are no written rules, I suggest readers of this blog take a few minutes to read a bill pending in the Louisiana legislature1 and ponder the question I never thought I would say: 

Are We Better Off With No Written Rules When It Comes To Appraisal Other State Common Law? 

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The recently filed and quickly-to-be-heard proposed Florida insurance laws noted in yesterday’s post, Breaking News—Florida Senate Proposes New Insurance Legislation, finds Steve Badger in general agreement with this  proposed unfair claims practice:    

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After passing the most favorable insurance company legislation—which led former President Donald Trump to call out his fellow Republican leaders for selling out the insurance industry—the Florida Senate this afternoon crafted some new proposed insurance laws aimed at helping Floridians.   

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Florida Republican Legislators made a rule limiting public testimony from people who went all the way to Tallahassee to complain about insurance company misconduct last December during the special session which passed laws protecting insurance companies. They cut off the testimony of the whistleblowing independent adjusters who were providing evidence about the bad conduct of Florida insurance companies. Florida Republican leaders are now doing the same thing with new laws regarding insurance company bad faith while making new laws shielding insurance companies in third-party bad faith cases.

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An editorial to the Palm Beach Post asked the title question of this post. The answer seemed very obvious when it noted:1

‘[I]nsurance companies, executives and agents have donated at least $74 million to Florida politicians or business groups.’ The top recipient: Gov. Ron DeSantis, pulling in $3.3 million. And there’s this gem: Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, has raked in nearly $2 million — from the industry he’s supposed to regulate.

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The Florida Republican leadership is in bed with the insurance industry. Republican Donald Trump said so yesterday, as noted in yesterday’s post, Donald Trump and Chip Merlin Agree—Ron DeSantis and Florida Republican Leadership Has Sold Out to Insurance Company Lobbyists. An example of this is Florida’s public records of consumer complaints about public adjusters versus complaints about insurance companies. 

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The Tampa Bay Times and other news media reported on an apparent message by former President Donald Trump, which states the following:

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One investigative journalist, Brianna Sacks, of the Washington Post, has uncovered and exposed more corruption by Florida insurance companies than all the state paid for insurance investigators and regulators whose job it is to protect Floridians from such conduct. The article, Insurers Slashed Hurricane Ian Payouts Far Below Damage Estimates, Documents and Insiders Reveal, may cause many to say, “look at all the claims corruption by Florida insurance companies. This is outrageous!” The sad question raised by the article is:

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