Property insurance adjusters, appraisers, and umpires should fully read the valuation clauses in property insurance policies and know the applicable state law regarding valuation. This was a point of emphasis I made last week at the Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association (IAUA) meeting. Indeed, for restoration contractors, it is a good reason for them to read the policy if they and their policyholder customers are looking towards the insurance policy to finance the restoration work less the deductible.        

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Every insurance policy outlines certain duties a policyholder is required to perform following a loss. However, the prompt notice provision appears to be increasingly gaining traction by opportunistic insurance companies and their defense attorneys who seek to use this as a technicality to avoid liability for an otherwise covered loss.
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Nearly two years ago, Albuquerque was struck by one of the largest hailstorms in its recent history. With the two-year anniversary of the July 2018 hailstorm quickly approaching, policyholders in New Mexico should be mindful to review their insurance policies for time limit considerations that could prevent them from pursuing delayed or denied insurance benefits for damages from the hailstorm.
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New Mexico Superintendent of Insurance John Francini

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment and home of the world’s largest international hot air balloon festival, is the fifth largest state and has the lowest water to land ratio of all the states. It also experiences an average of seven to ten tornados a year. Most cause little property damage because they occur over uninhabited areas.1
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I have entered the land of enchantment and now have a license to practice law in New Mexico! I have been handling cases there for a few years through local counsel, so I decided to obtain my license. New Mexico has some good laws for policyholders, including the ability to sue both the insurance company and the adjusters that worked on the claim.
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