The aftermath of Hurricane Ian is far from over for many public adjusters still handling unresolved Hurricane Ian claims. Whether you are a seasoned public adjuster or a relative newcomer to the profession, many are caught in the quagmire of unresolved claims tied to this devastating event for many reasons. I mentioned that our firm is holding seminars across Florida in yesterday afternoon’s post, Attention Public Adjusters: Urgent Reminder on Upcoming Deadline for National Flood Proofs of Loss. If you are handling a Hurricane Ian national flood insurance claim and have not read that post, stop. Click on that right now and read what I wrote. Even if you filed the proof of loss, please stop and read that post.

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Will Midtbo called me from a restoration construction conference and excitedly told me that the EalgeView founder, Dave Carlson, proposed on stage to April Hall…..and she said, “Yes!” At the time, I barely knew of and had not met David Carlson. I have known April for over a decade, regularly spoke at her conferences, and discussed on numerous occasions the difficult issues facing roofers doing insurance restoration work. At the time of their engagement, I had no idea the two were dating, much less considering marriage. 

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Traveling away from loved ones for business is never easy. I was at a restaurant co-owned by public adjuster Brandon Lewis and his wife, Marta, following a Georgia Association of Public Adjusters (GAPIA) meeting. Marta asked me if I ever got tired of all the travel. I told her I did not travel as much as I once had, but it is part of the business I have chosen. I told her that it helps when Donice travels with me as often as she does. She lamented and asked Brandon how he could be at home more.

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“If they do not ask, do not tell.” That is the culture of some insurance carriers when it comes to explaining all the benefits available under additional living expense provisions of an insurance policy. Some carriers simply do not train their property insurance adjusters on those policy benefits so that they are ignorant about how many benefits and options are available under the policy, which could otherwise benefit policyholders. 

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Proof of loss deadlines are always a little tricky when the case law is not clear. For the Maui wildfire victims with an insurance policy that requires a proof of loss to be filed within 60 days from the date of the loss, my suggestion is to be safe rather than sorry and obtain an indefinite extension to file a proof of loss. 

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Some insurance companies seem to foster a troubling culture by employing legal counsel who approach their roles with arrogance and condescension, often to the detriment of the very policyholders insurers have a good faith obligation to serve. In my early years of practice, I briefly served as an external legal counsel for insurance companies, which I noted in Butler Pappas–A Familiar Foe. I distinctly recall that during this period, State Farm explicitly instructed its external lawyers not to mistreat its customers. This directive is a testament to the leadership of State Farm at that time, ensuring that both its internal staff and external partners treated customers, especially those with disputes, with the utmost respect.

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The best bets are those that are guaranteed winners, as they aren’t truly bets at all. Insurance companies would prefer a scenario where it’s “heads I win, tails you lose.” One doesn’t need an actuarial degree to understand that collecting premiums on risks that will never result in payouts is a profitable strategy.

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I saw Justin Skipton of Skipton Claims Management at a United Policyholders fundraising event in California last week. I recalled Amy Bach from United Policyholders mentioning how impressed she was with Justin at a recent National Association of Insurance Commissioners meeting. My mind then wandered to this thought: “What was it like working with David Skipton?”

In one of my presentations, I display a picture of David Skipton, informing the audience that he epitomizes someone who has undergone significant personal growth and development. Since our first meeting, his expertise in persuasion, personal interaction, and knowledge has soared due to his commitment to self-improvement. David obtained the CPCU and SPPA designations and even wrote a book, Broken Promises. However, I was curious about what David Skipton was like as Justin’s boss before witnessing this transformation.

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American federal trial judges are generally best of the breed lawyers. But even they are limited to where the balls are thrown and what batters swing at in competitive property insurance litigation. This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s, Does Colorado Require Matching? Is Matching a Coverage Issue or a Factual Issue For an Appraisal Panel? 

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