Introduced on February 13, 2017, Texas House Bill 1774/Senate Bill 10, has been proposed by its sponsors as a way to curb hail storm lawsuit abuse. However, if signed into law, the bill could have a negative impact on Texas policyholders who have suffered any type of property damage relating to a natural disaster, hail or otherwise. The bill came before the Texas House on Thursday, May 4 and Friday May 5, 2017, and was passed by a vote of 92-55. It will now go to the Texas Senate for review before making its way to be signed into law. Continue Reading Texas House of Representatives Passes House Bill 1774

Last week’s post, The Lloyd’s Insurance Marketplace, pointed out that Lloyd’s is not an insurance company. The post noted that Lloyd’s traces its roots to a London coffee house owned by Edward Lloyd. Continue Reading Lloyd’s Traces Its Roots to a London Coffee House—What Were These London Coffee Houses?

There are many rumors going around about House Bill 1774, better known as “The Hail Bill” or “The Blue Tarp Bill,” which will go into effect on September 1, 2017. It is important to debunk those rumors and explain exactly what the bill means to Texas policyholders and their rights in this state. Continue Reading The Truth About “The Hail Bill” That Messes with Texas