The title of this blog post came from Corey Harris’ quip to me after he read a recent media post, Claims of Florida Insurance Companies Underpaying Policyholders Under Investigation. My hope is that Jimmy Patronis does a thorough investigation and finds what the vast majority of Hurricane Ian policyholders with significant claims already know—the insurers are not promptly and fully paying benefits owed under the policy. 

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In a matter of days, the Florida legislature is poised to consider another sweeping round of legal changes to Florida’s property insurance market. In large part at the behest of CFO Jimmy Partronis, whose campaigns are largely funded by the insurance companies he is supposed to regulate, the legislature will consider a slate of “reforms” taken directly from the insurance industry’s Christmas list. Continue Reading Insurance Company Denials and Underpayment Drive Florida Insurance Litigation

Merlin Law Group attorneys Jon Bukowski, Larry Bache, Corey Harris, and Ashley Harris won a before the Federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which held today that causation can be determined in Colorado appraisals.

I would like to give special recognition to Shane Smith who helped write the briefs and contributed to this win.

You can find the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion here.

One of my favorite aspects of being a first-party property insurance attorney is being able to pick apart an insurance policy and take a position on the way a certain provision should be interpreted. Continue Reading Interpreting the Plain and Ordinary Meaning of an Ordinance or Law Insurance Provision; What Does it Mean to “Incur” and When Does this Happen?

On August 10, 2020, Merlin Law Group hosted Hurricane Irma Public Adjuster Seminar: One Month Before Claim Submission Deadlines for public adjusters to earn 4 CE credits on hot topics for discussion related to Hurricane Irma. Don’t forget the deadline to submit claims for property damage from Hurricane Irma is September 10, 2020. Continue Reading When Can Ordinance or Law Coverage Be Appraised?

Corey Harris and I will present a final discussion about proofs of loss, analyze a case about forfeiture of insurance benefits, and discuss claim implications from impending Tropical Storm Cristobal. This discussion will be held at 2 pm EST today. Continue Reading Proofs of Loss, Avoiding Forfeiture of Coverage Benefits, and Tropical Storm Cristobal — Check In with Chip Merlin and Corey Harris at 2PM

Want to learn a lot about how to handle and what to do with business income loss claims arising from the shut down of American business from Covid-19? Come listen to Amy Bach and I starting today at 12:30. So many attorneys and public adjusters are signing up claims and then asking me—“Chip, what do I do next with these claims? How do I determine if there is coverage? Should I file a lawsuit? What do I need to do before filing a lawsuit? Are there going to be class actions?” Continue Reading Insurance Industry Responses to Covid-19 and Proofs of Loss

Corey Harris

Corey Harris and I will be hosting the second discussion about Proofs Of Loss this Friday afternoon at 2 PM EST. Those viewers tuning in to the Livestream will also be invited to get our new Merlin Law Group educational ebook about Proofs of Loss. Continue Reading Does A Proof of Loss Have to Be Notarized? Join the Livestream Proof of Loss Discussion on Friday at 2PM EST