Windstorm Insurance Conference

Larry Bache pushed our firm to trademark “Contenders Not Pretenders” because he was tired of seeing unethical, faker attorneys advertising on social media. The Windstorm Insurance Conference, which will be held later this month in Orlando, is full of contenders from which we all can learn. I always look forward to this conference because of the diverse views and teachings which make me a better policyholder insurance lawyer. If there is one Hurricane claims conference where adjusters, attorneys from both sides of the aisle, engineers, insurance agents, roofers, restoration contractors, and other windstorm insurance experts can learn their trade, this is it.  

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I was selected by the judge overseeing the Champlain Towers collapse in Surfside, Florida, to be the insurance coverage counsel for the class of victims. There were numerous lessons that all condominium boards, their lawyers, and property managers should learn from studying that tragedy. One of those is the role of inspections to critical areas of the structural integrity of the condominium.
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Listening and learning from others is crucial to bettering oneself in any endeavor. This is especially true when handling property insurance claims where claims techniques are changing with technological change, new laws, and claims handling values varying greatly between property insurance companies. In preparation for my upcoming Windstorm Network Conference presentation, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Different Perceptions About The Modern Claims Process Between Policyholder and Insurance Industry Representatives, I spoke last week with three experienced claims managers about our panel presentation, which will take place on January 26, 2022, at the 2022 Windstorm Conference.
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The Windstorm Insurance Conference ended yesterday. It was a huge success with insurance industry claims representatives, property insurance attorneys, engineers, restoration contractors and insurance appraisers all participating with various views and debates on the cutting edge of windstorm claims. My hat is off to President Melissa Sims and the rest of the Windstorm Board for having the courage and taking a chance on a property insurance claim conference live event as we come out of the pandemic.
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I am at the Windstorm Insurance Conference. Live and in living color, we are coming out of Covid and starting to meet, discuss, and debate insurance claim issues on a face-to-face basis. This morning’s Keynote speaker was “Hurricane Man” Josh Morgerman, who is a reality star and runs Here is a little information about him:
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I just finished speaking on a panel with Steve Badger and Jon Held. I want to thank the leadership of the Windstorm Insurance Network to allow us to provide this presentation. My hope was to get insurance industry affiliated individuals with a depth of experience and who are leaders in the field on the panel. Held and Badger come out of central casting as the best people for that. I felt that we could talk about any issue based on our national experiences. Having a policyholder advocate like me on a panel in such a discussion is what the Windstorm Conference is all about. I learned a lot and hope readers of this blog who attended did as well.
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Dogs and cats harmoniously together? It happens at the Windstorm Insurance Conference where insurance company representatives and policyholder advocates analyze property insurance claims handling trends. Jonathon Held, Steve Badger, and I will present and analyze some of the most cutting-edge issues surrounding appraisals of property insurance disputes. This year’s Conference will be held virtually February 1-4. The live Conference will be held May 24-26.
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The first accomplishment I was able to cross off for my 2020 was my work on the Windstorm Insurance Network’s Annual Conference. As many of you know, Chip Merlin is a big fan of writing down goals so that you can execute them. At the end of January, together with defense attorney Illon Kantro, we celebrated as conference committee co-chairs when the 21st annual conference wrapped.
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