Windstorm Insurance Conference

I just finished speaking on a panel with Steve Badger and Jon Held. I want to thank the leadership of the Windstorm Insurance Network to allow us to provide this presentation. My hope was to get insurance industry affiliated individuals with a depth of experience and who are leaders in the field on the panel. Held and Badger come out of central casting as the best people for that. I felt that we could talk about any issue based on our national experiences. Having a policyholder advocate like me on a panel in such a discussion is what the Windstorm Conference is all about. I learned a lot and hope readers of this blog who attended did as well.
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Dogs and cats harmoniously together? It happens at the Windstorm Insurance Conference where insurance company representatives and policyholder advocates analyze property insurance claims handling trends. Jonathan Held, Steve Badger, and I will present and analyze some of the most cutting-edge issues surrounding appraisals of property insurance disputes. This year’s Conference will be held virtually February 1-4. The live Conference will be held May 24-26.
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The first accomplishment I was able to cross off for my 2020 was my work on the Windstorm Insurance Network’s Annual Conference. As many of you know, Chip Merlin is a big fan of writing down goals so that you can execute them. At the end of January, together with defense attorney Illon Kantro, we celebrated as conference committee co-chairs when the 21st annual conference wrapped.
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Public insurance adjusters David Tyler and Scott Jenkins came all the way from Newport, California, to attend the Windstorm Insurance Conference on Orlando. They came by the Merlin Law Group booth asking me some questions about roofing losses involving windstorm in California and the problems of ash from wildfire claims.
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It is time to register for the 21st Annual Windstorm Insurance Network Conference. If you are reading this blog post, consider yourself personally invited. I welcome you to register and attend this conference, as the planning has been near and dear to me for several months. Under President Rick Tutwiler, I was selected as the conference committee co-chair. Along with defense attorney Illon Kantro, my dedicated partner in this mission, we have enabled a slew of team members to help Mr. Tutwiler with all the details for this upcoming conference.
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John Pappas is a tough litigator and very bright. I’ve known him since I helped him get his position at the 100 plus insurance coverage defense firm eventually known as Butler Pappas way back in 1982 when only a handful of attorneys worked there. Bill Berk was a tough prosecutor before he became a principal of his South Florida defense firm and a person I have been battling since Hurricane Andrew.
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Steve Badger and Chip Merlin

The Windstorm Insurance Conference in Orlando will feature a debate re-match between yours truly representing the policyholder view and Steve Badger who represents insurance companies. Many of my policyholder friends often ask how I can have such a good professional relationship with Badger whom they view as somebody akin to Darth Vader. I am certain some insurance claims executives wonder why Steve would hang out or discuss the current issues addressing insurance claims with somebody their world may view as on the insurance industry’s most wanted to destroy list.
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