Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a lawyer. He correctly noted at a Hurricane Ian press conference that there will be insurance claims disputes. He explained that the flood carrier will try to argue the damage was caused by the hurricane winds, and the wind insurer will do the opposite. He then went too far and tried to explain to the press how to distinguish one from the other.
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Last week, the Palm Beach Post ran a story that indicated Rick Scott thought national windstorm insurance might be the answer to Florida’s looming insurance crisis. Eliot Kleinberg wrote:

Many Florida homeowners live in fear of losing their windstorm insurance. Gov. Rick Scott suggested today that windstorm coverage go the way of flood insurance and become nationalized.

"It would make a lot of sense," Scott said at a start-of-the-season news conference at the National Hurricane Center in Miami-Dade County.

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The attempts by Mississippi’s Gene Taylor to craft an insurance product that fully covers hurricane losses seems to be having trouble, but not because Gene Taylor is not trying. While the House of Representatives passed a bill supported by Taylor which includes coverage for the perils of wind and storm surge into one policy, one Republican Senator offered a compromise bill which does not accomplish that but merely proposes a different method of dispute resolution. As reported in the National Underwriter, both Taylor and the insurance industry think the compromise legislation does not work.

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One of the most fascinating parts of my job is learning of the extraordinary events that happen to people. Just when I think I have heard it all, I catch myself saying, "you’ve got to be kidding!" The client’s typical response usually is, "I know, I wouldn’t have believed it either, but…," and the remaining details are explained. Sometimes, I notice that I am smiling at the story and thinking hard about how the catastrophe can be covered under an insurance policy. Then, I end up apologizing for not seemingly being more empathetic to their predicament, but the mental exercise of applying a theory of financial insurance recovery to the facts is fun for me. This is how I use my limited talents; it has become my life’s work.

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The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association covers “windstorms.” One of the most classical types of windstorms are the hurricanes that menace those of us living along our country’s Southern waters in the summer and early fall.
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The monthly Florida Underwriter is an excellent publication that I read to stay informed about many current issues facing the Florida insurance market. It is also very good at noting significant legal and political issues which impact insurance. Even the advertisements sometime reflect trends of insurance coverage that are significant to our clients.

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