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Hurricane Irma Policyholders Should File a Written Complaint About Slow, No or Low Paying Claims Insurance Adjusters

Amy Bach of United Policyholders and Paula Palozzi, Associate Director of the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation, Insurance Division, held a seminar at the First Party Claims Conference and called on aggrieved policyholders to file written complaints with departments of insurance. Palozzi explained that when insurance companies pay too little, a written complaint about … Continue Reading

California Supreme Court Affirms California Fair Plan Ass’n v. Garnes, and Preserves Homeowners’ Interests

The California Department of Insurance recently issued a press release announcing that the California Supreme Court affirmed the homeowner reimbursement protections recently decided in California Fair Plan Association v. Garnes.1 Back in June, my colleague Kevin Pollack wrote about the recent decision and whether actual cash value means fair market value or replacement cost minus … Continue Reading

Essential Property Insurance Coverage Information Withheld from Consumers

An April 2017 report by United Policyholders reveals the state rankings of homeowner insurance protections that impact buying insurance. The research revealed that many major insurance companies and many states withhold coverage and policy provisions from consumers during the purchase. These same companies and states also withhold payment information.… Continue Reading

Rutgers Law School and United Policyholders Launch Essential Protections for Policyholders Project

    If you have spent time handling your own insurance claim or are fortunate enough to represent policyholders in claims with their insruance carriers, you know that not all insurance companies are created equally. Some treat their customers very well. Some don’t. Likewise, not all states are equal when it comes to laws that … Continue Reading

Survivor to Survivor ListServ Helps Policyholders with the Emotional Side of a Property Loss

Helping policyholders when their home or business has been damaged or destroyed can be especially heart wrenching during the holidays. Due to the way some insurance companies handle claims, some of our corporate clients cannot run their businesses or run them at max efficiency during this holiday season. Many of our homeowners with damaged or … Continue Reading

Cosmetic Damage is Physical Damage

Property insurance policies cover physical damage to property. Cosmetic damage has traditionally been paid if the damage is greater than the deductible. Lately, some ingenious insurance company lawyers are wrongfully arguing that their stingy insurance company claims managers are correctly not paying for cosmetic damage.… Continue Reading

Homeowners’ Credit Rating Can Make Insurance Premiums Significantly Higher

Often without being aware, many policyholders could be paying more for their homeowners insurance than their neighbors, even if both properties maintain identical coverage with the same insurance carrier. How could this be true, you might ask? A recent study reports that homeowners with poor credit typically pay 91% more for homeowners’ insurance than people … Continue Reading

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Questions? Roadmap to Recovery Workshops Provide Answers

Superstorm Sandy raises a bunch of questions for many policyholders wondering if they are receiving the insurance benefits they are owed and how to go assert their rights to those benefits. I was asked by United Policyholders Executive Director Amy Bach to speak and answer those questions at a Roadmap to Recovery Workshop next Monday in … Continue Reading

The Reasonable Expectations Doctrine Provides Judges With a Tool for Insurance Contract Interpretation

United Policyholders filed an Amicus Curiae brief with the South Carolina Supreme Court regarding the Reasonable Expectations Doctrine. One of the significant points I made in the brief was that the doctrine of honoring an insured’s reasonable expectations of coverage is merely another tool for insurance contract interpretation. While the insurance industry argues that this is an … Continue Reading

Contents Inventory Smart Phone App and Documenting Your Personal Property, Part II

Last week’s post featured the new smart phone app that helps insureds quickly capture information needed to document their personal property before a loss. This week, I have written about the organization that created the app — The National Association of Insurance Commissioners — and their recent connection with United Policyholders.… Continue Reading

New York Policyholders Prevail after Insurance Company Alleges Material Misrepresentation

Suffering a fire loss to your home can be devastating. I have listened to policyholders questioned in trial and deposition about these types of claims. Sometimes, insureds have lost everything but the clothes on their backs, and many times in cases of a total loss, the policyholders will describe the items that can’t be replaced- … Continue Reading

California Enters a New Year “On Fire”

As California enters the New Year, both Northern and Southern California have experienced problems with wildfires. Of the six fires in the Northern California Region which occurred over the last month, one still remains active and is only 40% contained in Calaveras County.… Continue Reading