Eighteen states presently have "valued policy" laws which require insurance companies to pay the amount stated in the policy in the event of a total loss.1 In our state by state "Total Loss" series, we have covered each state with a "valued policy" law except New Hampshire and North Dakota. So, this week I will focus on New Hampshire.

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Last week we started a discussion on Florida’s Valued Policy Law.1 Florida’s Valued Policy Law has many intricacies; too many to discuss in a single post. We will be looking at a few of the statute’s interesting parts in the next few weeks. Hopefully these discussions will cover areas of the law that you may deal with regularly, as well as parts of it that are a little more unusual, while providing useful insight to you in both scenarios.

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My last blog in the "Total Loss" series concentrated on the state of Virginia. This week, I am staying in the Appalachian Mountains and will focus on West Virginia. One historical tidbit about West Virginia–the state was formed during the American Civil War when it seceded from Virginia.1 I do not remember that from history class.

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Many insurance professionals, including some members of Merlin Law Group, will be gathering in Warwick, Rhode Island next week (Oct. 21-23) for the First Party Claims Conference. Those attending the conference in Rhode Island will hear from speakers on various insurance claim topics and will be learn about recent developments in the insurance industry.

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I am sure all of us have been watching the news and learning more about the destruction left behind by the tornadoes that devastated parts of Texas and Oklahoma. My colleague in our Houston office, Nyanza Moore, wrote an excellent blog offering helpful tips to those stricken by tornadoes and dealing with insurance claims.

In continuing with the series on total loss, this week I direct my attention to Nebraska, which along with Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, forms the region commonly known as “Tornado Alley.” The test for total loss varies from state to state. 

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