Trying to explain to people why they have to consider getting professional help and self-educate themselves about insurance coverage and benefits after a disaster is one of the reasons I wrote Pay Up! I was thinking about this last night while being told of a Nashville policyholder with a significant property loss involving multiple properties and business interruption following the recent tornado catastrophe. I was told that they wanted to wait for the insurance adjuster to visit with them and explain their benefits before doing anything—including emergency mitigation.
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Merlin Law Group attorney Etienne Font lives in Tennessee and Jeff Carter still works and has significant family relationships in Nashville. We were talking about tornado destruction, which has such little warning and is one of the most terrifying weather events for those in the path. Now, the cleanup and insurance recovery begins.
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With the devastating strength and power these hurricanes were bringing, the last thing on anyone’s mind was these hurricanes throwing additional blows to areas that seemed outside of their “cone.” However, those of us that went through Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (and even those watching from areas outside those directly affected) recall all the news stations announcing tornado watches and warnings for over 24-hours with each storm. I recall the meteorologists’ predictions of which storm cells in the bands of these hurricanes had rotation and were producing tornados.
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Hurricane Jeanne hit South Florida on September 25 and 26, 2004. A recent Florida case before the Fourth District Court of Appeal involved two insureds who suffered damages to their condominiums during Hurricane Jeanne.1 The insureds held condominium policies with State Farm that contained a Hurricane Coverage Endorsement limiting coverage for damage to the dwelling caused by a hurricane:

There is no coverage for loss caused by a hurricane under Section I of the policy to which this endorsement is attached. No coverage is provided for accidental direct physical loss to the property described in the policy caused by a hurricane other than that which is provided in this endorsement. The provisions of this endorsement apply only in respect to loss caused by hurricane.

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I recently blogged about predictions for a lighter storm season this year in the southern United States. It is a good thing I closed by saying “don’t get too excited about this prediction.” On the heels of that blog tornadoes hit the Moore, Oklahoma area again on the evening of March 25, 2015. Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency in 25 counties affected by tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and straight-line winds.1

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As Steve Jakubowski, President of Impact Forecasting, recently noted, "Historically, May is the beginning of peak tornado season in the United States."1 Since that means tornado season remains in full swing at this point, this installment of my Oklahoma Coverage Series will address whether Oklahoma policyholders have enough coverage.

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On May 25, 2013, I wrote about how to help after devastating tornadoes swept through Oklahoma. Now, one year later, I felt it was important to again post to help the victims of the tornadoes that ravaged many states in the South last week.

So often we find ourselves complaining about bad traffic, a waiter who makes a mistake with an order, or other very trivial issues. Then something devastating – shocking eye-openers like the Boston Marathon bombings or a rampage of tornadoes – happens and we remember what is really important. Being 5 minutes late to a meeting or not having Swiss cheese on a sandwich is insignificant.

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From April to June, 2013, the state of Oklahoma was slammed with continuous severe weather, including multiple hails storms and horrific tornadoes. Roofs were destroyed, cars totaled, and many people had to relocate. After the storm, these policyholders contacted their insurance companies for help.

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