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Rene Sigman is a Rebel with a Cause—Stopping Laws and Regulations That Harm Policyholders

Last week at the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjuster (TAPIA) Fall Conference, Rene Sigman made the most dramatic speech ever at a public adjuster conference—and did it twice in one day. She stood up to a Texas politician railing about his constituents being harmed by bad laws and bad faith insurance companies. She called … Continue Reading

TAPIA 2016: Come See “Fresh Perspectives On Claim Preparation/Preparing Files For Litigation Success”

TAPIA’s Fall 2016 Conference returns this week to San Antonio’s Menger Hotel. All Texas public adjusters should come join in the education, networking, and fun! In addition to all the other informative presentations, Evan Wolfe and I will present “Fresh Perspectives on Claim Preparation/Preparing Files For Litigation Success” on Thursday.… Continue Reading

Do Insurance Companies Hiring Haag Engineering Follow the Golden Rule? Come To The TAPIA Conference and Find Out!

HAAG’s chief engineer and owner, Tim Marshall, made at least 25% of his personal income from State Farm and was designated as an "impartial" appraiser. If you were his mother, sister or relative, would you think somebody making 25% of their income from another party was "impartial?" Just apply the Golden Rule when thinking about … Continue Reading

Steve Badger versus Chip Merlin at TAPIA Next Wednesday

Steve Badger has been getting a lot of “word of mouth” discussion by roofers, public adjusters and policyholder attorneys. Next Wednesday afternoon at the TAPIA conference in Austin, I will be on a panel with Steve discussing many ethical issues involving claims adjustment. It has generated a lot of questions, comments and controversy.… Continue Reading

The 2014 TAPIA Spring Conference Net Really Worked

My last blog provided a few tips for making the NET Work at TAPIA. I just did my self-assessment and believe I had a great conference. Here’s what I asked myself: Did I learn anything new? Did I hit my networking targets? Did I get his/her business card? Will they remember meeting me? Did I … Continue Reading

Time for Texans to Unite

It’s time to register for the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Fall Conference. Come to San Antonio for two days of public adjuster specific continuing education courses. The Menger Hotel will host the conference October 10-11, 2013. Register for the conference and book the discounted rate at The Menger today.… Continue Reading

Texas Law: How Many Occurrences?

How many “occurrences” took place over the course of your insurance-related loss seems like an easy question. However, depending on the type of policy you have, the number of occurrences could impact your insurance claim recovery. The language in your policy will dictate whether it is in your best interest to claim one occurrence or … Continue Reading

Don’t Get Burnt on Wildfire Claims–Attend the TAPIA Fall Conference to Find Out How

Wildfire insurance claims are raging in Texas. The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will talk about wildfire claims at its Fall Conference in Dallas on November 16 and 17. The speaker presenting this topic promises that the discussion will be practical, guaranteed not to put you to sleep, and worth hundreds of thousands of … Continue Reading

TWIA Insurance Claims Under Investigation by Regulators and Media–An Invite to TWIA Claims Executives to a Public Meeting in Houston Next Friday Regarding Those Accusations!

I have been involved in a lot of disputed property insurance claims in many venues over the past twenty-five years where emotions run high, but the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) is the blue ribbon winner in Texas for policyholders that hate how they have been treated. And, it is not just limited to the … Continue Reading

Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA) to Have Introductory Meeting Sept 11 Following Adjusting Seminar

Mary Fortson has been quite busy working with Jim Beneke and Art Jansen reinstating the non-profit and corporate status of TAPIA for the past several months. With that accomplished, there will be an introductory meeting to which all licensed Texas public insurance adjusters are welcome and encouraged to attend immediately following the Merlin Law Group Hurricane … Continue Reading